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The option to complete the RN to BSN in California is a quickly growing career choice. The leading occupation in the healthcare industry is currently registered nurses. There are more than 2 million registered nurses in this industry. This field has an expected growth rate of more than 25 percent within the next decade. However the field of BSN, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is currently in high demand. In California, the BSN field currently employs school nurses, clinical instructors, staff educators and managers. RN to BSN programs in California offer nurses a successful career in nursing. Pursing a degree in BSN can lead to a career as a nursing anesthetist, clinical specialist and a general nurse practitioner.

The requirements to complete a RN to BSN in California are:

• Associate Degree in Nursing (or equivalent) from an accredited programRN to BSN In California
• Current license as a Registered Nurse in California
• Basic computer, telephone and organization skills
• A 2.5 GPA or better in at least 70 transferable credits
• All students must have finished basic subject courses before applying to a BSN program (Oral and Written Communication/Math/Quantitative Reasoning etc.)
• Completion of courses in each of the following subjects: anatomy, chemistry, biology, physiology and microbiology
• A minimum grade of “C” must be achieved in each course

California State University in Northridge, or CSUN, offers a program for registered nurses (RN) to acquire the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. This university’s mission is to help develop leaders in nursing that are also professional in every area of nursing practice. The RN to BSN California program is a diverse program and ideal for RN’s that desire to extend their nursing knowledge and experience. This program prepares nurses to apply both new and old information to build upon existing practices. At CSUN, the education system values excellence, integrity, advocacy, lifelong learning and nursing competence.

The curriculum for CSUN and other programs in the state of California include:

• A total of 120 credits are required for BSN
• Total of 36 semester credits
• Total of 9 credits of upper-division residency
• Students are required to pass the Writing Proficiency Essay (WPE)
• Students are required to receive liberal education through upper-division education courses and modules
• Building on existing skills and knowledge acquired through previous RN experience

Why receive a BSN degree?

The health care industry has begun experiencing more complex health care problems. The RN to BSN program assists nurses with the transition in the health care industry. In California, there is a shift occurring towards more of a community-based experience. Home health care and primary health care are beginning to create new methods and opportunities for BSN prepared nurses. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the RN to BSN in California industry will expand faster than any other occupation in the next decade. There is a larger need for nursing positions in non-hospital settings. Employers in California are seeking BSN graduates with supplementary education. These employers require these skills for schools, companies and hospitals.

Recent surveys suggest that nursing executives in hospitals in California are in search of staff nurses with a baccalaureate level degree. This is in order to overpower the complex demand for executive health care officials. BSN graduates can rapidly cure this problem.

Purpose of the RN to BSN in California

Completion of the BSN program provides graduates with the ability to think critically, apply interventions in therapy and communicate effectively in order to:

• The process of RN to BSN program is to develop a system that cares for families, individuals and communities
• The program allows communication and information in the field of nursing to be developed, conveyed and critiqued
• The program assists nurses in critical thinking
• The program helps nurses evaluate the quality of care in the industry and in health care settings that are unstructured as well as structured

The RN to BSN in California program offers nurses a great career choice. The program allows nurses to demonstrate leadership skills and organize, manage and implement various nursing services in numerous health care settings. The program in California can provide nurses with the ability to grow in the health care industry.

Check out this great YouTube video about a RN to BSN in California programs.

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