Nursing Schools In California

There are a lot of nursing schools in California but do you know which of them is among the list of the best nursing schools in California? If you do not know it yet, then this article can help you decide which Nursing School in California you should go to.

Investing In Nursing Schools In California

Enrolling in the best school in California may be expensive. However, if the money that you nursing schools in Californiaare paying for will result to a successful career, then that wouldn’t be a bad investment at all. Ensuring that you get into a nursing school that offers the highest quality of education can help you develop your knowledge and skills. Being part of the top nursing schools in California is a privilege not given to anyone. That is why knowing what school is the best gives you an advantage among others.

Top 5 Nursing Schools in California

  • University of California San Francisco (UCSF) – When it comes to the medical field, UCSF is one of the most renowned schools. One example of UCSF being one of the best in nursing was the recognition of US News and World Report in 2008. The report named UCSF as the second best when it comes to graduate programs in nursing. Furthermore, UCSF was also included in the top 10 of all seven nursing specialties including: adult and medical-surgical nurses, nurse practitioner, pediatric nurse practitioner, and more. These recognitions along with the mission of the school to use all its resources to adapt to society’s need make them as one of the top caliber nursing schools in California.
  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) – Another Nursing School in California that can offer you with an innovative curriculum is UCLA. UCLA’s focus is enhancing the skill of the students to become more competent. In order to achieve excellence, UCLA provides students with the opportunity for independent and interdisciplinary research. These methods will help students to meet their fullest potential and apply this learning in real life.
  • California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) – Adding into the list of top 5 nursing schools in California is CSULA. In June 2010, CSULA proved their excellence in their nursing program by getting a 100% passing rate. CSULA is a nursing school that focuses in upholding precautionary, curative, and therapeutic health care system. This school believes that the students are capable of self-learning.
  • University of San Francisco (USF) – Proof that USF is one of the best California Nursing Schools is their 96% passing rate on NCLEX for baccalaureate students with an impressive 100% passing rate for Master degree students. USF instills in its students the importance of providing superior health care in serving the community. Also, USF helps to transform students to become the leaders in their respective health professions. USF aims to teach their students that through their effort and knowledge, they can revolutionize a better community.
  • University of San Diego (USD) – Completing the list of the top 5 nursing schools in California is USD. Considered as the first school in California that offers a doctorate in nursing, USD is continuously upgrading their quality of education. According to U.S. News & World Report, USD is among the schools that produce the top 10 percent of graduates in nursing programs.

The list above shows only some of the best accredited nursing schools in California. You can also look online for additional details. Choose your school wisely. Find out which school fits your needs and budget. Further, if you are interested in enrolling in the top 5 schools above, you can also visit the websites of these nursing schools in California.

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