Nurse Practitioner California

A Nurse Practitioner California is a Registered Nurse who has gone on to further advance themselves professionally. They have completed a graduate level of study in a specialized niche such as pediatrics, acute care, oncology, gerontology and women’s health to name a few examples. They will have received either a master’s or a doctorate degree. The program offers the NP opportunities in several California colleges.

Nurse Practitioner California – What is this position?

The Nurse Practitioner California is a position that helps to bridge the gap between the doctors, the RN’s and ultimately the patients. Often doctors are overworked and overstressed and the patient will be the one to not get the treatment they are entitled to. Another side effect of an overworked doctor is the increase in stress at the work place. The doctor has been known to criticize the RN for their decisions or performance. The RN is held responsible for what happens on the ward. This situation can be alleviated with a NP.

The NP is qualified to take over some of the responsibilities that the doctors have nurse practitioner californiatraditionally had to carry out. They work together with the doctors by prescribing medication, counseling patients and managing chronic conditions. In California there are over 16,000 NPs alone. The NP programs were developed in the 1970s as a result of the doctor shortage. It has proven to be a very successful solution and taken patient care to a higher level of efficacy. This is mainly due to the customization of the procedures that are developed for each community the medical personnel is servicing.

The main focus of the NP is the prevention of disease, primary care and counseling. NPs are first responders and part of their job is to help improve the responsiveness of the system. In many areas of the country there are no doctors so NP’s can step in and offer primary care to the under-served. They are qualified to diagnose and treat such illnesses as diabetes, high blood pressure, ordering lab tests such as x-rays and EKGs. They are permitted to prescribe medication for acute and chronic cases as well as advise on prenatal care and family counseling. They are also qualified to assist on surgeries such as casting and suturing. They provide medical services for acute and critical care patients.

It is easy to see how they can alleviate the stress put on doctors. The medical system has needed modernizing since the field of medicine itself has expanded so rapidly in the twentieth century. More doctors are specializing in their field of medicine since advanced technology is creating more opportunities to specialize.

Where does a Nurse Practitioner California Work?

Nurse Practitioner California can be found in urgent care centers, health clinics, health departments, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care centers, walk-in clinics, private medical practices and college clinics to name a few. The fact that they are found in so many medical venues indicates how valuable their role is.

Like the doctor the Nurse Practitioner must keep abreast of the changes in pharmacology and technology. The NP is part of an interdisciplinary team with the doctor and others, such as a chiropractor can also be part of this team. The supervising physician, the administration and the other medical personnel together help determine the standardized procedures.

Nurse Practitioner California offers many programs where the candidates can specialize in a specific area of expertise. Opportunities will continue to grow as the baby boomer population continues to grow. The doctor shortage continues to be of concern so the NP programs are very much in demand. Nurse Practitioner California is an interesting field of work and provides an important service to the community.

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