RN Programs In Nevada

The best RN programs in Nevada can also be compared to the best RN programs anywhere in the country. This may not appear to be believable to some, but doing further research on how competent the RN programs in Nevada are will convince you of this fact.RN programs in Nevada Although it is definitely more expensive to enroll in a medical course, becoming a nurse goes beyond choosing a noble profession.

There is a danger in the health care sector in Nevada. This predicament is not on the quality of the services rendered by the health workers, but the scarcity of the workers. Nevada is a state where the population is growing rapidly. More business opportunities caused more migrants to settle down in this state where the grass is greener. A typical nurse in Nevada has an annual income of almost $80,000. This is higher than most states where the typical annual income would be $60,000. The benefits and perks are astonishing as well. This is to encourage more students to consider nursing as a profession.

The Best RN Programs In Nevada

Does the simple overview on the great need for a nurse begin to sink in? If yes, then you should begin browsing through the different colleges and universities that offer the best RN programs in Nevada. Enrolling in a school that is highly regarded by the top employers of registered nurses in the state will improve your chances of passing the state nursing board exam. How different are you from the others who passed the state board exam for nurses? Well, your resume and credentials have the trademark that you are from the Top 5 RN Programs in Nevada. That alone boosts your chances of employment. There are only a few nursing schools with an approved RN program in Nevada. The standards set by the Nevada State Board of Nursing are so high that only a few schools have met the standards.

Top 5 RN Programs in Nevada

Nevada State College – This school is located in Henderson. Being a state university in Nevada is no assurance for getting the RN program approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing, but the RN program of the Nevada State College is excellent. The lower tuition fee because of the government subsidy is also a great motivation for a student to enroll in this institution. They boast of not only the best facilities and the brightest professors: but the warmth and support of the school can be considered as the best asset of this nursing school. There is an academic advisor who works closely with a small group of students to ensure that there is a steady support group for every student.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Campus – It may come as a pleasant surprise for those who stereotype Las Vegas to be the gambling capital of the world, but this school is consistently one of the best RN programs in Nevada. Gaining both theory based knowledge and experience in the field of nursing is an assurance when you enroll in this nursing institution. As a trademark of the University of Nevada campuses, learning can be done not just by sitting down in a classroom, but you can complete the basic courses online too.

University of Nevada, Reno Campus – Not only does the Las Vegas campus of the University of Nevada have an RN program to boast of, but the Reno campus as well. Aside from the strict admission of each nursing student: the University of Nevada Reno campus can boast of interactive learning. Each future RN is immensely in touch to the community. So both practical and theoretical learning becomes very real to the students.

Touro University Nevada – This is located in Henderson too. Just like the other nursing schools that have been accredited by the Nevada State Board of Nursing: this school has a lot to offer to their nursing students. Learning is made easier because there is good academic support for each student. They are very proud of the nursing faculty who are very approachable. Questions are just an email, fax, or phone call away. All of the incoming freshmen must undergo a strict admission test and interview before they are admitted to the RN program.

National University, Henderson Campus – Excellence is offered by the RN program in this institution. The RN program of the National University campuses are so far the best nationwide. Their competitiveness in this healthcare program is unquestionable. This is what made their school to be constantly in the list of accredited nursing schools in the whole state. The RNs from this school has no problems in effectively communicating with the patients and the families. They have also been strictly trained to handle multiple patients since they are aware of the shortage of nurses in Nevada which counts towards its ranking as one of the best RN programs in Nevada.

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