RN Programs In Nebraska

The top RN programs in Nebraska can lead to a diploma or degree within two to four years. To qualify as a registered nurse, an individual needs academic training in an accredited institution. The course incorporates theory and practical sessions that equip learners with skills for the nursing industry. This profession relies on harmonious interaction between patients and nurses during the provision of health care, health education campaigns and corporation between nurses and caregivers.

RN programs in Nebraska- Career Path for a Registered Nurse

A registered nurse training course leads to employment in nursing homes, hospitals, home Top 5 RN programs in Nebraskacare providers and educational institutions. This profession attracts an average pay of about $64, 690 according to a 2010 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Further, the findings indicate a demand for registered nurses in the coming years. This is attributed to the technological changes in this industry coupled with the increase in demand for homecare services.

After enrolling in an RN programs in Nebraska accredited school to ensure the certificate is accepted in the region, a graduate must seek licensure by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. This is through an exam known as the National Council for Licensure Examination- Registered Nurse (NCLEX- RN). Therefore, it is important to attend an institute that provides the best education in order to meet the pass mark for licensure. This also depends on equipment available as well as advanced technology available in the institute. It would be ill advised to focus on the theoretical operations of equipment without getting access to the same for practical learning.

Top 5 RN Programs in Nebraska

Taking a registered nurse course in this state presents the advantage of a large portfolio of employers in the region. These include the Methodist Hospital, Bryan LGH medical Center and Alegent Health Bergan Mercy in Omaha; Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney and Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff among others.

It also comes with the benefit of advancing academic achievements because there are quite a number of accredited institutions that allow registered nurses to pursue Maters and Post Master’s courses.

Some of the popular RN schools in Nebraska include:

1. Creighton University School of Nursing. It provides a Bachelor of Science in nursing course in a four year program. However, those who wish to take a longer duration in school or take more subjects can complete in five years. This course is available in the Hastings and Omaha campuses. This institution also offers an accelerated program that takes one year targeting learners who already have a degree in another field, but they want to get into nursing. But, applicants must have taken a number of science related subjects in the previous degree.

2. Clarkson College – it has several nursing courses such as practical nursing, Bachelor of Science in nursing, Master’s degree in nursing and Post Masters. The practical nursing course is a part time course thereby making it flexible for learners who currently working.

3. University of Nebraska Medical Center – it boasts of through breed professional trainers because of the extensive research this institution is involved in. It has campuses in Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, Scottsbluff and Norfolk.

4. Kaplan University – the courses include diploma in practical nursing, Masters in Nursing, Registered Nurse to Masters in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in health care management and associate of applied science.

5. The College Network– It offers registered nursing courses for licensed practical nurses. Further, those with the registered nursing certificate can pursue a bachelor of nursing course.

It is important to consider the duration because, it varies with the certificate to be awarded. For example, an associate degree takes two years while a bachelor’s requires four years. Another factor that controls efficiency of the training course is the method of study. Various institutions offer both land based and online classes such as Kaplan University.

Online RN programs in Nebraska are preferred for individuals who are not available during the day. But, a learner should inquire about the practical sessions and how they are administered for online students because skills in nursing can only be acquired through practice. On the other hand, flexibility of land based classes is determined by the location of the campus. Some institutions have campuses across the state, while others are located in one region such as in Omaha.

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