RN Programs In Mississippi

Finding and settling on RN programs in Mississippi could very well be the greatest life altering move of any individual seeking a career in the healthcare industry. Throughout the entire country, one would be hard pressed to find any form of career path equal to that of a Registered Nurse (RN).

Within the United States, an RN typically earns $58,000.00 salary per year after RN programs in Mississippigraduation from a program. Trying to find a career path of any type that can meet these kind of expectations the first year out of a program lasting only 18-27 months would be all but impossible.
The RN programs in Mississippi offer potential students the opportunity to enter a field as emotionally rewarding, as it is financially rewarding. RN’s are granted the ability to work closely with doctors in the care and medical procedures given in order to successfully treat and administer medicines that aid in the well-being of patients.
Registered Nurses have the opportunity to work in many different levels and facilities providing healthcare. They may work in a hospital setting, a private physician’s office, a medical clinic or even an assisted living facility for the elderly.

The level of responsibility required by an RN that has completed one of many RN programs in Mississippi, is as important as any within the healthcare field. The RN works directly with staff physicians to ensure that the care and treatment of the patients given by the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), as well as that of the certified nursing assistants (CNA) is administered in the utmost professional manner available.

Top 5 RN Programs In Mississippi

One of the leading hospitals in the entire state of Mississippi is Tupelo Medical Center, in Tupelo, Mississippi. The hospital has a direct connection with one of the leading RN programs in Mississippi, Itawamba Community College.
Itawamba Community College – Located in direct proximity to Tupelo Medical Center, Itawamba Community College has a curriculum geared toward providing the Associate Degree in Nursing to graduates preparing to enter the field as a Registered Nurse. Graduates will receive an applied science degree for their completion of programs including nursing theory, general education and experience gained through hospital clinical.
Mississippi University for Women – This RN program in Mississippi began in 1971 and has since provided over 1500 students degrees in Associate Science that are now employed throughout the state as RNs in both hospitals and clinical settings. By providing students with a lighting fast 2 year course, this program has become one of the most sought after in the state of Mississippi.
Delta State University – Students at Delta State are offered the unique opportunity to receive training and the study of nursing, combined with liberal arts, life science and behavioral science in order to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The purpose is to provide students with sufficient education in preparation for those who may wish to further their career and education passed that offered beyond a baccalaureate level. Graduates of Delta State can get their RN license by writing the NCLEX-RN council.
University of Mississippi Medical Center – Known for having one of the most competitive graduate and undergraduate experiences in all RN programs in Mississippi, students here are offered hands-on clinical, as well as classroom preparations that provide these graduates with a successful beginning to a career in the field of Registered Nursing.
Mississippi Gulf Coast community College – Not only do students here enjoy the wonderful weather associated with living on the Gulf Coast, they also receive an option of four semesters of nursing course work and one semester of pre-requisites. Upon the students completing the 72 classroom hours Associate Degree Nursing Option, the students become eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam to become a licensed RN.

RN Programs In Mississippi Create Opportunities For Anyone Interested In A Better Life

Any individual looking to further their education, or if they simply wish to go back to school and create a better opportunity for themselves through a field such as Registered Nursing, could not ask for any better program than the RN programs in Mississippi listed above.

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