RN Programs In Minnesota

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career in nursing and starting the journey of shopping for RN programs in Minnesota. This is no doubt a rewarding profession that combines focus on patient care with the latest technological developments. Whether you are starting out your nursing career, seeking a change or wish to pursue a further course of study, you should make the best selection out of several RN programs in Minnesota on offer.

The top 5 RN programs in Minnesota

The nursing schools offering the best RN programs in Minnesota in order of preference are:

  • The University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • College of St. Catherine
  • College of St. Scholastica
  • Minnesota State University Mankato
  • Tri College University Nursing consortium

Courses offered by the best RN programs in Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities, the first ranked choice is one of the oldest nursing schools in Minnesota. It has an extensive research program that is aligned with RN programs in Minnesotaboth the institution’s goals as well as the needs that arise in a constantly changing society. These include the health considerations within vulnerable populations, the proper care for patients with chronic health conditions, which is an increasing concern today. The application of information systems is also an area of focus.

The institution offers both degree and certificate RN programs. For the former, this includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the entry level. A Master of Nursing accommodates students who wish to switch to the nursing profession. The PhD. Program focuses on research and teaching at higher levels. Other programs include the Doctor of Nursing and Master of Science programs.

Certificate courses include: Leadership in Health Information Technology for Health Professionals Certificate, Health Care Design and Innovation.
The second ranked out of the best RN programs in Minnesota is the college of St. Catherine. Commonly known as St. Kate’s, this institution has a tiered program. It offers associate and bachelor degrees, an option for degree completion from RN to BSN, Master’s and doctoral degrees. The nursing program at St. Kate’s has a religious background, with the school initially founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet. If your focus is a small closely knit student community, this may be the choice for you.

The College of St. Scholastica is another institution renowned for its nursing program, which is one of the largest RN programs in Minnesota. It has access to clinical sites of varying size and location, and its main focus is on people living within rural communities and those with mental health needs. The undergraduate nursing program serves as a preparation for entry-level professional nursing practice, and is approved by the Minnesota Board of Nursing. If St. Scholastica is your preference, you are guaranteed access to high quality RN programs in Minnesota. The institution also offers a Master of Science in Advanced Practice Nursing which prepares professional nurses for advanced practice. The Doctor of Nursing program further caters for the Study requirements of advanced practice nurses.

The Minnesota State University – Mankato offers nursing programs throughout its academic system, from college, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. The School of Nursing under the Allied College of Health and Nursing is the starting point in the institutions nursing studies. You may also major in Nursing at the undergraduate level, which upon completion makes you eligible for work in the professional environment and also leads to a Master’s in Nursing, which builds on knowledge and practical experience and focuses on specific areas of study. At the doctoral level, the Doctor of Nursing allows Masters Students to access leadership opportunities in the workplace.

If you are a baccalaureate prepared RN with an interest in working as a family nurse practitioner, the Doctor of Nursing program sponsored by the Tri College University Nursing Consortium can adequately prepare you. It will take you eight semesters including summer to complete this. Another unique RN program in Minnesota offered through this consortium includes the Master’s Prepared Advanced Practice Nurse for those seeking career enhancement.

The Winona State University Rochester offers two programs under its undergraduate nursing programs including the Generic and RN Baccalaureate Completion Program. After careful consideration of your personal preferences, you can comfortably make a choice of the most suitable RN programs in Minnesota.

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