RN Programs In Michigan

If you are interested in joining the nursing field you should consider RN programs in Michigan. Michigan is renowned for having the best nursing schools which offer top notch training. Apart from that, there are many job prospects in this State. Michigan is also home to the best community hospitals with the latest facilities. Registered nurses are thus assured of finding employment and working in a progressive environment. Having a successful career in the field of nursing should begin by enrolling in an accredited nursing institution. Students in this State have access to a variety of RN programs which rank highly compared to other States.

Schools that offer RN programs in Michigan

When searching for RN programs in Michigan it is essential to check whether the school is accredited. Contrary to common belief, accredited schools are not expensive and it is easier to get financial aid if you attend a recognized nursing institution. Enrolling in a back street college will only minimize your chances of getting a good job in a top health care facility.

Top 5 RN Programs In Michigan

McAuley School of Nursing
This institution is known for clinical excellence and their program is tailored towards RN programs in Michiganempowering nurses with the necessary skills to meet the evolving needs in the health care center. The program also strives to foster critical thinking. Pre-licensure students in McAuley are required to complete two assignments and clinical placements. These assignments enable students to get hands-on-experience so that they can contribute significantly to the nursing industry. The RN program gives nurses a flexible option to complete their diploma and associate programs. Various competencies that are emphasized in this program include: risk reduction, leadership and management skills, health promotion, disease management and health care economics.

American Sentinel University
The RN nursing program offered in American Sentinel University has received accreditation by the Commission on College Nursing Education. With an RN program, nurses have greater career mobility and enjoy more job options to choose from. The health care landscape has changed and nurses are required to stay updated on the current developments in order to remain relevant in the industry. Nurses thus need to keep advancing their education and an RN nursing program in American Sentinel University is a great start. Their program is also accredited and this means that students who enroll in this institution have better chances or getting employed in the best hospitals and clinics.

Michigan State University
Their RN program is designed for nurses who wish to become registered in the state of Michigan. They have a comprehensive curriculum in an effort to enhance nursing professional skills and help them to further advance their career. Students have the option to enroll in their online program which gives them more flexibility. Nursing students also have a chance to attend clinical practice in community hospitals across the city. This gives them hands on experience and they are able to face the job market with confidence. The program also adequately prepares them to sit for the Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) program.

Wayne State University
Wayne State University offers one of best RN programs in Michigan and it has been in existence for over 60 years and it has continued to provide world class education for nurses. Their nursing students occupy top positions is major hospitals and clinics. Their RN nursing program is very detailed and equips nurses with all the necessary skills needed to make them specialists. It is a premier nursing school with state of the art facilities and modern equipment. The university has strong alliances with major hospitals in Michigan and graduates are posted in the best health care facilities for attachment and possible employment.

University of Michigan
University of Michigan is highly ranked and offers one of the most comprehensive RN programs in Michigan. Their RN program offers nurses a great starting point to build their career and even further it to higher levels. Their curriculum is best suited to prepare graduates to score highly in their NCLEX-RN exam. It is also an accredited institution offering quality education and on-the-job experience to pre-licensure nurses.

It is also important to note that the median salary for nurses in Michigan is higher than most states. It is thus a wise career move to enroll in one of the best RN programs in Michigan.

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