RN Programs In Maine

RN programs in Maine basically consist of two options. If you want to take the faster route to becoming a registered nurse, the quicker option is through an Associate Degree, Nursing or AND. Once you complete the prerequisites which may consist of five to ten courses, an AND can be finished in just two years’ time. These courses generally consist of biology, psychology, and other arts and science subjects.  The other option that one can take is a Bachelor of Science, Nursing or BSN. A BSN may take four to five years to complete. Deciding which RN programs in Maine are the best really isn’t an issue since both routes have their respective advantages. An AND can allow you to practice the nursing profession sooner but a BSN, however, provides broader specialization and education opportunity. Below is more information about these two common routes in pursuing a nursing career. By understanding this basic information, you can decide which option suits you best.

RN Programs in Maine Comparison

Truth be told, the first couple of years in both an AND and BSN programs are basically the same. The core elements of nursing courses are combined with lower-level sociology, psychology, biology, and physiology. One may also take optional courses such as elderly care and child care.  An Associate Degree, Nursing, however, puts more stress on the vitality of imbibing the importance of practical knowledge more than that of theory. A Bachelor of Science, Nursing course, on the other hand, puts emphasis towards more advanced nursing processes and studies. These include both the theoretical management point-of-view as well as the hands-on approach. Aside from this, BSN students also get to cover nursing management, practices, theories, and other essential aspects of the profession. These are usually complemented with more specific learning areas such as nursing research, pharmacology, electives, and acute needs. In other words, all of these learning areas give BSN students deeper understanding and preparation for their chosen career.

The Final Step

Whether you are an AND or BSN student, you will have to pass through the final step which is the NCLEX-RN. NCLEX-RN or the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse is basically a RN Programs in Mainecomprehensive nursing knowledge and skills test. Administered by Pearson Vue, the examination costs $200 per student. However, an additional fee of $75 for application is also charged by the Maine Board of Nursing. An impressive percentage of candidates pass the test. In fact 85% candidates pass the exam on a yearly basis. Passers can immediately begin working as a registered nurse in Maine.

Duties, Work Hours, and Salary

Full-time registered nurses in Maine can receive an average pay of $57, 000 on an annual basis. Working hours are usually variable. Schedules are usually nights, weekends, and in many cases, odd hours since the needs of patients have to be taken care of around the clock. In truth, schedules for registered nurses are constantly changing and adjusting based on the varying health needs of patients. RNs are also expected to work with doctors and nurses who are less-qualified. This means that registered nurses are involved in a continuing adjustment and assessment process. These will depend on the care plan of patients that may be subject to changes on a daily basis. Nurses should be ready to partake in providing efficient solutions for problems that they may encounter every day.  In a nutshell, nursing is a very challenging profession. But since its financial rewards are quite more than satisfying compared to other professions, a lot of people opt to pursue a career in this field. Challenging it may seem for beginners, once you get the flow of your job, everything will be like second nature. Willingness to learn everything you can as well as flexibility and good analytical skills are some of the important skills that one needs to be an efficient nurse in Maine. It also goes without saying that a good educational foundation is of extreme importance. Studying at the best nursing schools that can provide you top notch RN programs in Maine is a must.

Top 5 RN Programs in Maine

  •         American Sentinel University
  •         Jacksonville University
  •         Capella University
  •         Anna Maria College
  •         Brenau University

Pursuing a nursing career in Maine is a very sensible step for many individuals who are looking forward to have a fulfilling not to mention a very financially rewarding profession. Considering the current demand in the job market for registered nurses, investing on a good nursing education is a practical move. It has been mentioned earlier that enrolling in the best nursing school in Maine is very integral in the development of your career. As much as possible, do your research first in finding everything you can about the best nursing schools that can offer you superb RN programs in Maine.

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