RN Programs In Kentucky

There are a number of RN programs in Kentucky available to anyone interested in becoming a registered nurse in the state. It’s essentially a good thing to have a lot of options because that means you’ll be given the chance to pick out a registered nurse school that truly addresses your needs. However, it is also possible to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of RN programs in Kentucky to choose from. Still, do not fret. As long as you know what to look for, you should be able to pick out the right school and program for you without trouble.

Choosing RN programs in Kentucky

Choosing registered nurse programs is the most important step you’re going to take in becoming a nurse because the program you will be part of will determine the kind of training you will be given in preparation for RN programs in Kentuckythe licensing exam. You are basically going to be just as good as your nursing program is, although of course a whole lot of hard work also helps as well.

To help you get a feel of a particular nursing program, try to talk to some of the graduates. If you can’t get a hold of one, just make sure that you do as much research as you can. To help you get started on sifting through all the nurse programs in Kentucky, there are some criteria you should take note of. Keep in mind that different people have different priorities so it’s possible for someone to care more for a certain criteria than you would, and vice versa. What’s important is to take as much as you can into consideration so you can make a more informed choice. Some of the criteria you can take note of in choosing RN programs in Kentucky include: the type of program being offered; size of the school; location; university/college accreditation; nursing organization accreditation; tuition fees and other costs; financial aid availability; credits transferability; campus life; student-faculty ratio; clinical experiences; and distance learning options.

Assess your situation and come up with your top three criteria to help you narrow down the nursing degrees available to you in Kentucky. Keep in mind that the RN programs in Kentucky you choose can spell the difference between actually becoming a nurse and dreaming of becoming one. Choose the best one for you and you’ll be well on your towards becoming a nurse because you were able to accomplish the most important step in your journey properly.

The Kentucky Board of Nursing doesn’t approve of out-of-state nursing programs. The only ones approved and regulated are pre-licensing nursing programs in the state. However, Kentucky does accept graduates from nursing programs that have been accredited and/or approved by other state nursing boards. Should another state accredit or approve an online nursing program, then Kentucky will allow graduates of said program to take part in the nursing licensure exam in the state. Some of the approved RN programs in Kentucky you can take into consideration below.

Top 5 RN Programs In Kentucky

  • Kentucky State University – the School of Nursing in this university offers two accredited programs: an Associate Degree and the RN-BSN program. However, students may also be categorized under Nursing Pre-admission. They are the students who are not directly admitted to the pre-licensure program but are taking liberal studies and support courses required under the nursing curriculum.
  • University of Louisville – this university boasts of having a 96% pass rate for graduates taking the licensure exam for the calendar year of 2011 and, for 10 years now, of being one of the nursing programs accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. To help its graduates speedily find jobs, the university offers a career connection service that allows students and alumni to check out available job opportunities.
  • Spalding University – this university’s School of Nursing was established in 1933. This tells you that the university’s nursing programs are well accepted since they are being offered for decades now. The university’s most recent investment in the nursing program was in 2008 when the most intensive lab simulation programs in the city were acquired.
  • University of Pikeville – nursing careers that you can take up by graduating from this university’s nursing program includes: geriatric nurse, flight trauma nurse, maternal-child nurse, school nurse, nurse educator, medical-surgical nurse, home health nurse, health care manager, nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, and occupational health nurse. Nurse degrees offered include Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees.
  • Western Kentucky University – Western Kentucky University understands that certain circumstances arise and so allows for full-time and part-time options in some of the nursing programs being offered to give as many students the chance to finish their nursing courses. Available RN programs in Kentucky in the university’s School of Nursing include Associate Degrees, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and RN-BSN programs.

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