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There are some people in the state of Iowa who want to join the medical field but do not want to become doctors, so they look at RN programs in Iowa instead. Being a nurse is one of the world’s most noble professions because nurses are able to help people who are in need, whether these people are in the hospital, in the hospice, or in aged care facilities. So it is not true that only doctors have patients; nurses have patients also and different medical and nursing care facilities will be at a standstill if there are no nurses to run them and to help the doctors.

Nursing is a type of healthcare profession which is focused on the care of people so that rn programs in iowathey can get and maintain optimal health and quality of life from the moment they are born until the day they die. Nurses, along with various individuals in the field of medicine, work in a variety of specialties (either individually or as a part of a team) to plan, assess, evaluate, and implement care for people. Nurses are known to care for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, whether healthy or ill. Because of the nature of their work, they must undergo rigorous training such as the ones provided in RN programs in Iowa, as well as passing a licensing examination after completing the program. In the United states, the limitations of what nurses practice are stated in the Nurse Practice Act which is a set of laws which can vary from state to state, because different states in the US has their own laws, rules, and regulations about nursing care. These laws, rules, and regulations are usually made by the state board of nursing which also regulate the nursing schools of the state.

RN Programs in Iowa: How to Be a Registered Nurse

There are different ways on how to become a nurse in the state of Iowa. To be able to get into one of the RN programs in Iowa, most of them require you to have at least a high school diploma.

Diploma in Nursing – this is the oldest method of being a registered nurse. The hospital-based diploma program usually lasts three years and students are required to have 30 to 60 hours of study in anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, and physiology. However, some states in the US do not offer this kind of education anymore.

Associate Degree in Nursing – the initial stepping stone to being a registered nurse is to have an Associate Degree in Nursing. This kind of nursing education typically lasts about two years but some schools offer ADN programs that last up to four years. They might also have courses that can stretch this type of nursing education to three years.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – this is one of the famous RN programs in Iowa because not only does it prepare students with intensive training, it also prepares them for graduate-level education. This type of nursing education usually lasts up to four years; the first two years is devoted to general education, and the remaining time is spent on specific nursing courses. Students of this type of nursing education also have more classroom hours and clinical hours of study in nursing compared to others.

The state of Iowa has a lot of schools and universities that offer different RN programs in Iowa that you can take. These range from practical nursing to associate degree in nursing to baccalaureate programs, masters and doctorate programs, and to advanced practice nursing programs. Here are some of the nursing schools in Iowa.

Top 5 RN Programs In Iowa

Iowa Central Community College – it has three campuses in the state located at Fort Dodge, Storm Lake, and in Webster City. Iowa Central offers a practical nursing program and an associate degree nursing program that prepares the students for entry-level positions in nursing, and to provide nursing care under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or a physician. Students also undergo extensive clinical work in a wide range of health care settings.

University of Iowa – established in 1898, the College of Nursing in the University of Iowa offers basic BSN education and RN-BSN completion programs to their students. The college is recognized in the US for its excellent faculty, tradition of innovative leadership, and advanced clinical experiences. The BSN program prepares the students to be primary health providers and for them to be able to coordinate care in any sector of the health sector. Meanwhile the RN to BSN programs are online RN programs which is for people who are ready to expand their nursing skills by earning a BSN.

Upper Iowa University – located in Fayette, Des Moines, and Cedar Rapids, UIU offers RN to BSN completion programs for their students.

William Penn University – located in Oskaloosa, WM Penn U also offers RN-BSN completion programs. Students also have the option of studying online.

Allen College – located in Waterloo, Allen College offers post graduate nursing education for students who want to get their master’s degree in nursing

Now that you have a background on what nursing is, and the different nursing schools in the state of Iowa, you can call these schools and inquire about their RN programs in Iowa today.

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