RN Programs In Idaho

There are a lot of RN programs in Idaho available for you to consider, whether you’re an Idaho native or you simply wish to practice there. It is actually not required that you have to graduate from Idaho nursing schools in order to practice in the state, but it is a convenience since you will receive training using standards followed by the state.

In general, nursing education started out in hospital-based programs combining education and on-the-job training. After finishing their training, students received diplomas. Unfortunately, a diploma does not really translate to any kind of academic degree.

Registered nurse programs in universities began in early 20th century and by the mid-20th century, diploma courses started closing down. Community colleges also started offering associate nursing degrees so there are even more RN programs in Idaho now that you can check out.

The good thing about a nursing degree is that it is available in different levels, and each one makes it possible for you to practice as a nurse in Idaho. You can graduate with an associate degree or from a baccalaureate program and you still qualify to work as a nurse. Keep in mind though that while you can get a job with any degree in nursing, promotions and progress in the career ladder typically comes easier the higher the level of your degree is. For instance, an individual with a Masters in Nursing has a higher chance of being promoted than one who only graduated from a degree in Bachelor in Science in Nursing.

What To Look For In RN programs in Idaho

You’re enrolling in an RN program because you want to be a nurse. As such, it would only be natural that you would want to be part of a nursing program that offers sufficient training in the field. There are different schools offering RN programs in Idaho so you have several options available to you. To help make the selection process easier for you, here are some points to consider:

  • Check out the requirements  –  Keep in mind that the simpler the RN programs in Idahorequirements are, the easier it will be for you to get into an RN program. And the sooner you get into one, the sooner you’ll be on your way towards becoming a nurse. Some schools have waiting lists so you might want to avoid them if you don’t want to wait. The upside to having a waiting list is that it is a sign that that nursing school offers top-notch education because people are willing to wait in line to get into their programs. However, this does not mean that those without waiting lists are automatically inferior. Just think that they have a far simpler selection process when it comes to their students.
  • Check out the coursework  – It is not unusual for nursing programs to provide details of their course offering. You should not have any difficulty getting your hands on the list of coursework that a student will be subjected to upon enrollment. Look for a good balance of theoretical and hands-on training as this will mean that you will be provided with a good mix of skills needed in the performance of your duties as a nurse.
  • Check out the location – If you have to work with a budget, opt for RN programs in Idaho that are located close to you so you won’t have to move. Find out if the nursing school you are interested in has satellite locations in Idaho that may be easier for you to get to than the main campus.

Top 5 RN Programs In Idaho

No one can blame you for wanting to enroll only in the best nursing programs in the state. Some of the options that should top your list include:

  • Idaho State University – This University’s Associate Degree Registered Nurse program is unique in that its intention is to reach out to the Idaho healthcare facilities and the Licensed Practical Nurses they have, offering required coursework by utilizing distance-based methods of delivery. This delivery method makes it possible for students to get the education they need without having to leave their home communities.
  • Chamberlain College of Nursing – Armed with over 120 years of experience in offering RN programs in Idaho, the college offers flexible degree options to address different needs, mainly by making the choice to study online available to students.
  • Northwest Nazarene University – Hands-on training is a big part of the coursework, with students allowed access to healthcare facilities in Treasure Valley in order to hone their skills and give them real-life experiences that will apply all that they have learned in the classroom. International learning opportunities to places like Peru, Ukraine, and Nicaragua are also available.
  • Boise State University – For more than 55 years now, the School of Nursing at this university has the distinction of being recognized as the biggest nursing program in the state. Degrees offered include Bachelor of Science in Nursing, graduate programs in nursing, and advanced placement LPN. Online completion option also offered.
  • Lewis-Clark State College – The Division of Nursing and Health Sciences offers programs that are made to meet today’s demands, making students responsive to the changes that happen all the time in the healthcare environment. BSN, RN to BSN, and Associate of Applied Science for Practical Nursing RN programs in Idaho are offered in this college.

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