RN Programs In Hawaii

RN programs in HawaiiChoosing the right nursing school that offers specialization in different RN Programs in Hawaii can be difficult.

Hawaii is a great place to be a nurse. With a surging number of aged care
facilities and the influx of medical tourism, it is impossible for a nurse in
Hawaii to miss out on job opportunities.

For a nursing student in Hawaii to meet this demand and to become the best
nurse in the state, they need to enroll in at least one of the many top
universities in Hawaii. To know more about the possibilities with RN
Programs In Hawaii
, here are a some of the top universities in Hawaii
and the things that they can offer to get you in to gear for profession in the
nursing and care industry.

Top 5 Schools For RN Programs In Hawaii

Hawaii Pacific University

Considered as one of the top universities of the state, if not the country,
Hawaii Pacific University offers nursing degrees in different areas, from
undergraduate to postgraduate studies.

Hawaii Community College

With a concentrated student to faculty ratio and a very brief nursing
program, the RN Programs In Hawaii Community College gets down
to the basics of the field.

University of Hawaii Manoa

Having over 75 years of experience in the field, the nursing program in the
University of Hawaii in Manoa is by far the most extensive nursing program in
the state yet.

Kapiolani Community College

The Kapiolani Community College is a college that can easily be accessed
from the city of Honolulu. It offers programs which have been guided by top
schools like the University of Hawaii Manoa.

University of Phoenix Hawaii Campus

Hailing from the state of Arizona, the University of Phoenix Hawaii offers
top notch programs like its nursing degree based on the Arizona and the Hawaii
educational standards.

No matter which RN Programs In Hawaii from whichever Hawaii
college or university you may choose, it is always important to see if they are
accredited schools by the state. Nevertheless, just choose wisely and soon,
you’ll be landing a secure job in the nursing and care industry in no time.

Because there are numerous schools in Hawaii, it is hard to decide where you want to study. For you to be able to know, you need to research online or directly go to schools to acquire more information. However, before you go to any schools, you need to know which program is best for you. There are lots of nursing programs that you can choose. But you only need to choose the course that you find interesting and that matches your skills. Choosing the right nursing program is essential in your success as an individual. If you want to have a successful career, you need to choose a program where you can excel. Nursing programs are not just any other degree programs; because in nursing programs the health and wellness of people depend on you. Although nurses can help a lot of people, you can also bring danger to their lives if you fail. Therefore, you must choose a nursing program carefully.

Top 5 Degree RN Programs in Hawaii

  • Master’s degree in Nursing – After graduating with a nursing course and you still want to specialize in a certain field, a master’s degree is what you need. Most master’s degree programs are offered for two years but it will depend if you will take a full-time or part-time class. A master’s degree is also best if you want to enrich your knowledge on a certain degree program like family care, adult care, pediatrics, gerontology and more.
  • Nurse Practitioner – Next on the list of┬ánursing Programs in Hawaii is a nurse practitioner program. This program will let you practice in different states independently. The program will also give you power to prescribe medications. Nurse practitioners are very versatile because they can treat a bigger group of people whether they are adults, children, or elderly, they are very much capable of treating and diagnosing them. Nurse practitioners can also select their specialties and locations. But most of the time, nurse practitioners can be found in clinics, drug stores and other chain stores.
  • RN to BSN – Fourth on the list of RN Programs in Hawaii is the RN to BSN course. This program is best for those who begin their nursing course with an associate degree. This program is becoming popular to those who are working in hospitals or clinics but still want to have a bachelor degree. This program gives you flexibility in time and schedule.
  • DNP and PhD – The reason why DNP and PhD programs were created is to provide specific training programs for nursing practitioner, CRNA, CSA, and other related fields. This program plans to replace the master’s degree. However, those who already obtain masters do not need to take this program.
  • LPN to RN – This program will expand your understanding when it comes to nursing practices. This program will enhance your leadership and mobility when it comes to health care services. These and the other 4 RN Programs in Hawaii are just some that you can check.

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