RN Programs In Connecticut

You can choose from a lot of RN programs in Connecticut that will suit your requirements for becoming a nurse. Connecticut is one state that is blessed with a number of registered nurse schools that are considered to be some of the best that the United States, if not the world has to offer. Aside from the prestigious Ivy League schools like Yale, Connecticut has some LPN to RN courses from reputable schools and colleges that are renowned in the state.

The Difference Between RN Programs In Connecticut and Other BSN RN Schools

One of the main reasons why the RN Programs in Connecticut are so good because they RN programs in Connecticutcan live up to its own standard and the standards of its competition. RN classes through RN programs in Connecticut are comprehensive, yet concise, and the main purpose of the courses are for the sake of applying what is learned from the classroom to the real world settings that prospective students will face in the future. Indeed, the nursing school programs in Connecticut are a stand above the rest.

Top 5 RN Programs In Connecticut

University of Connecticut School of Nursing

As a state university, the University of Connecticut as a whole stands strong and proves itself to be one of the best public schools in the country. As a nursing school, the University of Connecticut School of Nursing has some of the best set of faculty members that the state has to offer, and the facilities that the University can offer are beyond comparison.

The university owns the University of Connecticut Health Center which provides comprehensive training to their nursing students while helping the local community. The Josephine Dolan collection is a part of the school of nursing of the university and houses nursing memorabilia and key information in the field to the present students by using the past as a reference.

Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing

For over 100 years, the Bridgeport Hospital served thousands of citizens of Connecticut within its world-class facilities and well-educated staff. Today, Bridgeport Hospital does not only lend itself to being a hospital but is also an institute, which is affiliated with the prestigious Yale University School of Medicine.

Bridgeport Hospital offers a diploma in Nursing, a two-level program that goes into an intense look at the field of healthcare, specifically on the facets of nursing. This diploma degree can be enough to sustain an LPN degree but another degree must be taken in order to raise ones credentials to an RN, based on the standards of the state.

Yale School of Nursing

Perhaps one of the most famous schools in the world is Yale, with its Ivy League presence and prestige that is known by everyone from all over. This school surely has some if not the best program in the state, and perhaps the most comprehensive and the most famous.

Yale offers a number of programs, from LPN, RN, MRN and a Ph.D. in nursing. They also offer distance learning courses for those who would opt to take a part-time nursing degree in lieu of another commitment. As far as choices come, you would never run out of choices with the Yale School of Nursing.

Connecticut Community College Nursing Program

The Connecticut Community College Nursing Program does not carry the stigma that other community colleges have. It is a Community College that offers university- quality learning for its students. It is a top-notch college for top-notch nursing students.

The Associate Nursing Degree program in Connecticut Community College is one of the RN Programs In Connecticut that can be used as a degree to take the nursing board exam. It is a single program in the college which can be used in order to attain a license in nursing for the state of Connecticut and other governing states. It’s a booster ladder to a profession as a registered nurse that can be recognized in the entirety of the United States.

Saint Joseph College

Saint Joseph College is a women’s only college in Connecticut that offers a nursing program for its female students. The RN degree in this college is offered alongside with the coeducational graduate studies, such as a Master’s Degree in Nursing and an upcoming Doctorate Degree in Nursing, expected to be made available for both male and female students next year. With 80 years’ worth of history, this college can really impress  its prospective female students who are taking their undergraduate studies under their wing, as well as the male and female graduate school students.

As you can see, you can never run out of choices as to where in Connecticut you may take a nursing degree. These RN programs in Connecticut and the respective schools where they are available can give you a comprehensive learning experience that you can apply from the classroom to your professional nursing life.

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