RN Programs In Alaska

RN programs in Alaska are very much in demand. This comes as no surprise, given that the majority of the health care workers in the state are registered nurses. That, as well as the good salary they stand to gain, makes entering a registered nurse program very attractive to a lot of students. Below we  take a look at the basic information that you will need to know about the nursing programs in Alaska.

Types of registered nursing programs in Alaska

There are three types of RN programs in Alaska. These are:

  • Associate degree in nursing (ADN). An ADN can be completed within two years. This degree covers the basic subjects in nursing, such as English, chemistry, biology, and math.
  • Bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). Those who are taking up BSN will need to spend at least four years in school in order to get their degree
  • Nursing diploma. Nursing diploma courses are usually three-year nursing programs. These are rare and less preferred by both the students and the employers compared to the two.
  • Master’s degree. For those who want to go beyond the minimum educational requirements in order to improve their knowledge and open more doors in terms of career opportunities, they can also take a Master’s degree in nursing. Most Master’s degrees in nursing are only open to BSN holders.

Choosing from the RN programs in Alaska

Aside from the type of program, some of the factors you will want to consider when selecting which among the RN programs in Alaska you will be taking up are:

  • Accreditation. It’s better to choose among the nursing programs that have been RN Programs in Alaskaapproved by the Alaska Board of Nursing and accredited by national nursing boards such as the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).
  • Professors. Ideally, the school that you choose should have professors and teachers who actually have had clinical practice in nursing.
  • Passing rate. The school should have a high passing rate when it comes to the number of students who were able to take and pass the board exams.
  • Class size. Do you learn more in small-sized classes, or are you more comfortable with larger classrooms? Be sure to take these into consideration when considering which of the nursing programs you will be entering.
  • Job placement. Ideally, the school that you choose should be able to help students find jobs once they get their degrees. That way, you won’t have too difficult of a time in finding employment once you finish schooling.
  • Costs. Don’t just consider how much you will be paying for tuition, but also any other miscellaneous fees that you will need to handle while you’re studying, such as books payment and transportation allowance. If need be, you can also check if the school offers a scholarship program or some other type of financial aid program that you can apply to in order to get support for the fees you will be incurring while you’re studying.

Requirements of RN jobs in Alaska

Of course, it’s not enough for you to finish all of the academic requirements in order to become a good RN. Some of the other requirements you will need to fulfill in order to do well in this profession include:

  • No previous criminal records;
  • Moral in character;
  • Patience;
  • Compassion toward others;
  • Ability to manage stress; and
  • Ability to make difficult decisions.

The Top 5 RN programs in Alaska

Nursing schools in Alaska can be categorized into two groups: classroom-based schools and online schools. The best classroom-based schools in the state are:

  • University of Alaska – Anchorage. University of Alaska – Anchorage is the biggest nursing school in the state. It offers ADN, BSN, and Master’s degrees. It also offers scholarships to Alaska Natives and Native American students.
  • Alaska Vocational Technical Center – If you’re interested in getting an ADN or if you want to become a practical nurse, the Alaska Vocational Technical Center is a good choice to consider. This school is also located in Anchorage.

As for the online RN programs in Alaska, the best online schools are:

  • South University – South University not only offers online courses in nursing, it also has programs in business, accounting, healthcare, information technology, and criminal justice.
  • University of Phoenix College of Health and Human Services – The University of Phoenix offers BSN, ADN, and RN to BSN programs.
  • Kaplan University of Learning – Kaplan has long been renowned as a good nursing school. The online school offers RN to BSN programs, as well as Masters in Nursing.

Be sure to take the time to evaluate the features of each nursing school. Each institution has its own strengths and weaknesses. As such, be sure to take the time to see which of the RN programs in Alaska will best suit your needs and your budget so that you can get the training and education that you will need in order to become an effective RN.

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